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Here you can see Kush's history, that changed the life we thought we knew.

Kush (1600-1100 B.C.E)

After Egypt new kingdom collapsed, Kush regained independence. A new line of Kush kings was established, but even the kings continued to follow Egyptians Traditions.

Kush (730-650 B.C. E.)

The kings in Northern Egypt surrender to Kush’s King Piye, he declared himself pharaoh. Kush had been forced to pay tribute to Egypt, and then Egypt has to pay tribute to Kush.

Kush (590-410 B.C.E.)

The accomplishment changed Kush. Egypt invaded Kush and destroyed its capital city called Napata that was not long after that they changed the capitals name to Meroe.

Kush (300’s B.C.C-350 C.E)

Not long after, that they allowed female Leadership. Queen Amanirenas (shown in the picture) was one of the greatest kandakes. She defended Kush from the powerful Romans in about 24 B.C.E. After three years of fighting with the romans Rome signed a peace treaty with Kush, now Kush doesn’t have to pay tribute.

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