Aztec Noble

Aztec Nobles were the leaders of the Aztec society. There were three different ranks of nobles. The first rank is the Tlatoani which was the ruler of the society. The next rank is the Tetecuhtin which was the higher lords but not as high as the ruler. The third is the Pipiltin wich were the normal regular lords. A noble was usually put into a government position if they had the skills to be in the government. Nobility was passed down from generation to generation. The nobles were the wealthier people in the society.

This video gives good information about how the Aztecs started and the Aztec culture and society. From this video the Aztecs started when some of them killed a rulers daughter and they fled to a island and became a huge empire. Also I created this video to National Geographic.

This is a group of Nobles this is what they would be wearing for every day uses but the main ruler would not be wearing these clothes.

This is an Aztec song that I found and this is most likely what the nobles would have been listening to at a feast or party.

This is a map of where the Aztec empire was. Its over most of middle Mexico today. You can see that they were separated in city states. Each city state would have had it's own ruler. As you can see they had two different coasts that made trade with other people easy but the Aztecs didn't trade with people until the Spanish Conquistadors.

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