Sentence - I always have a fear that someone has a weird obsession about me.

Syn. - Passion

antonym - Hatred

example - Stalker


Sentence - VJ says that his little sister agitates him by continuously  touching him.

Syn. - annoy

antonym - Calm

Example - my little brother and sister are constantly bugging me.


Sentence - In the concentration camps, innocent people were toiled.

syn. - Labor

antonym - relax

example - During the holocaust people were worked to death, toiled to death.


Sentence - After someone ran over my softball, it looked very grotesque.

syn. - Misshapen

antonym - normal

Example - After the planes hit the twin towers, they were misshapen.


Sentence - The past few weeks were spent in a feverish way.

syn. - Excited, restless

antonym - calm, relaxed

example - After the softball came on Monday all of the softball were very feverish because it was the first time in three years we had beaten Southern.


Sentence - To be in a war would be very convulsive.

syn. - Violent

antonym - Nice

example - a war


Sentence - After basketball practice all of the players devoured the food.

syn. - eat quickly

antonym - nibble

example - VJ at lunch


Sentence- My cousin studies anatomy in college.

syn - zoology

antonym - connection

example - studying the action of animals


Sentence - After being in a fight, the dog looked very gnarled.

syn. - Knotty

antonym - uncurled, untwisted

example -  a scary looking tree


Sentence - When Ms. Dixon gets annoyed with us she likes to shun us away from her.

syn.- evade

antonym - seek

example - shunning someone away from you when you get annoyed.

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