Living in Huancayo and living in the Lima: Where do you prefer?

First, in Winter the weather in Huancayo is dry and fresh, but in the night it rains. In Lima is cloudy and met. You can identify the countryside for: The streets are clean always, less pollution, more parks and spaces for walking, and the transit is fluid. Addtionally, the organic products are cheaper than Lima, because Huancayo is productor of vegetables, dairy and beef. But nevertheless, in the city is oppossite. Lima is more convenient for study and work, because the universities and public institutions are near.

In my opinion:

If you're interested in sightseeing, you'll love live in Huancayo.

If you enjoy buy organic products, you might go to Huancayo.

If you want study, you might go to Lima.

In this occasion I talk about the differences between living in the countryside (Huancayo) and living in the city (Lima). The weather of HI

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