Southern Colonies

By:Kaylee Parker

The southern colonies, where you go for your warm winters

The southern colonies are made up of the colonies Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland

Climate: in the southern colonies, its warm in the winter, so you can swim all year round!

Climate: In the summer, it gets extremely warm, so you wont ever have to get a spray tan again!

Agriculture: our agriculture here is mostly tobacco, rice, and cotton. So, thats good for you and your family, you will never run our of rice, and you can grown tobacco here year around

Agriculture: Its so easy to grow tobacco here, because its warm here year around. Its also good that its easy to grow tobacco here, because  England is willing to buy it

Industry: the industry here in the southern colonies is amazing because we get loads of money from England for our tobacco

Industry: we also get a lot of money for picking cotton

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