In the Nick of Time

Gabby Rothrock  4/16/2014

The long voyage still ahead of us,
passing by corn fields
in the middle of no man's land

The camper hooks to the back of the truck
waiting to be in its cozy home at the camp site

The whole family is in the truck
we are making good time
nothing can stop us.....

I spoke too soon...

I look down
the big black wheels turning
getting slower and slower
losing momentum
kathump, kathump

What will we do,
my heart is beating like a train
getting faster and faster

Nothing in sight
but a few trucks,
the white extremely annoying wind mills
that never seemed to stop,
and the open highway

We see a gas station,
its only half a mile away
Its up a ramp
and past a stop light

I am praying, I am on my knees
God keep us going, keep us going
on this road

We are slowly and steadily,
going up the ramp
as we go further my panic is rising
higher and higher

As we go further and further
we start losing  more and more gas

As the truck slowed to half speed
I could hear the engine stopping
we were out, going with momentum

We pass through the long red light
that never seemed to change,
A biker right in front of us,
hogging the whole lane

Get out of the way!!!
Get out of the way!!!
my dad is yelling

As we rolled into the station
the engine stopped rumbling
we reached the pump
right as the engine stopped

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