The Ewing Sarcoma


About Ewing Sarcoma

  I am going to tell you all about The Ewing Sarcoma. The Ewing sarcoma is a type of bone cancer.  Ewing Sarcoma happens to childeren and young adults. Some other names for Ewing Sarcoma are, Ewing Sarcoma, Ewing Tumor, Ewing's tumor, and Sarcoma, Ewings.

Possible side Effects

Side effects of The Ewing Sarcoma are feeling sick, hair loss, increased rick of infection, bruising and bleeding, tiredness, swelling or tenderness of the tissue surrounding the bone. And sometimes there is a lump on the surface of the skin that feels warm and soft to the touch. Also often, childeren have a fever that never goes away and the Ewing sarcoma may cause weakness to the bones and possibly break for no obvious reason.


In the growth of the Ewing Sarcoma is that it spreads through soft tissue and organs. Sometimes it can spread to things like bones

The Possible cause

The cause of Ewing Sarcoma is unknown.


The stages of the Ewing sarcoma are, stage 1-5, It gets worse and harder to take care of the more it goes down but only so far 56% of the world has gotten worse than a stage 5. It can metastasis  to stuff like soft body tissue and organs.


Treatment for Ewing sarcoma involves a combination of chemotherapy , chemotherapy is a treatment when they stop the cancer cells from reproducing, but the bad thing about it is it also stops the other cells from reproducing which can cause hair loss, non healthy skin, etc. Surgery, is a treatment when they cut out the disorder or infection. And lastly radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is the treatment of disease, especially cancer, using X-rays or other similar forms of  radiation.

Survival Rates

Survival rates are when the cancer cells are in remission. Remission means a temporary recovery. After that you can surgically remove the cancer spot that stopped spreading but you still will never be cured all the way of that cancer you had. About 70% of  children with Ewing sarcoma are cured. From ages 15-19 have a lower survival rate at about 56%

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