KS Top 5 Apps

1). Polar Beat Training App

Requires an H7 Heart Rate Monitor

Probably my favorite app, allows me to track my workouts and store them in an App with great design and interface. Tracks HR, Avg HR, Cals Burned etc.

2). Touch

Great group communication tool (10+ people) because it's a better ongoing chat stream user experience than group MMS. Much easier to decipher who's saying what based on profiles.

3). White Noise App

My wife and I have a 2 month old. This voodoo magic app stops our two month old from crying so it makes the list. The paid version allows the white noise to play in the background while using other apps.

4). Evernote

Helps with the tracking and storing of notes, to-do's and one-offs into the cloud so it's everywhere on multiple devices. Lot's of apps out there that have this service, Evernote does it very well.

5). Unsplash

@Dan showed me this site, and it's just perfectly simple in what it offers. A nice selection of free creative commons photos that look good and that I often use when creating Tackks.