The Battle of Brown's Mill

By: Parker Ferguson

The Stirring of the Battle

during July 27th, 1864,General T. Sherman sent 2 columns of union cavalry riding south on what promised to be one of the most daring raids of war. Led by Brigadier, General Edwards M. McCook and Major General George Stoneman. on the 28th, McCook and his men had successfully crossed the Chattahoochee and had burned down 1,000 Confederate wagons in Fayetteville. After this on the 28th McCook headed down to Palmeto to meet up with Stoneman and tear up the railroads that transported the trains that helped the Confederated. Stoneman did not appear but McCook continued the plan and sent in a night raid group D and E of advanced soldiers. This raid failed and made the union retreat back. while retreating, McCook ran into General "Fightin Joe" Wheeler and several other Confederate soldiers as the Yankees were thrown back.

The Start of the Battle

on July 30th, 1864, General Wheeler divides up 720 men and puts different groups all over Newnan. 200 men are taken with General Ashby to go and ambush general McCook and his men. This is successfully done and to add up more Wheelers men flank McCooks men into the woods.This makes McCook loose it and put John T. Croxton into head position. Fighting was back and forth. Then soon General Robert H. Anderson came in with 400 more men for the confederate and medical personnel . Soon the Yankees were repeatedly attacked and steadily crowed back into a corner of surrender. McCook does so and makes his 8th cavalry stay back and be captured and prisoned to slow down the confederate army. On July 31st, 1864, 11 A.M., McCooks army crosses the   Chattahoochee  by having to re-float sunken rafts only to be re-ambushed from the top of hills by the confederate by Wheelers 5th cavalry and have 1285 men captured. As soon as the Palmeto train stations were repaired these men were put in war prisons.

This is what it would look like when they were in the woods.


The significance of this battle is that it protected Newnan from being captured by federalist and changed the course of the Atlanta campaign due to  General T. Sherman having to pursue a longer siege.

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