Privacy and Security

Just as in real life, it is important that teens know who they can trust with their information on the Internet. Entering information such as their name, age, and address into forms and profiles online is common, but teens can be tracked by companies or tricked into scams that put themselves at risk for identity theft. Maybe they are tricked into filling out a form for a fake sweepstakes. Maybe they click on an attachment that installs spyware on their computer. Or maybe they click on ads and enter their email address, which the advertiser can then sell to other companies. How does this impact the way that the Internet filters news, media, and content for them? Watch below to find out more about the ways that your data impacts your world.

Watch this video on Filter Bubbles

What are your thoughts on privacy and filter bubbles? How does your data impact the news you read, the searches you gather, or the facebook wall you populate? How will people be impacted by the filter bubbles in the future? Do filter bubble cause bias in our society?

Think about the video you just watched and some of the questions posed below it. Pick a question(s) and create a word cloud that best summarizes your thoughts on the topic. You can draw your word cloud or use one of the Web 2.0 tools below.

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