Inferences from

Bill's Baggy Pants   
by:Susan Gates
Tyra Candy

I can infer that the story "Bill's baggy pants" is about a boy that loves his baggy pants. Because in the picture above a see a boy with blue baggy pants with a lot of pockets .

His mom bought the pants for him he said " I can put groceries in my pockets " so i can infer that bill mom will send him the groceries story to get something and he will probably use his pants pockets to put some groceries inside them.

Bill went to the grocery store and asked the shop keeper "I'd like some potatoes please" i can conclude that bill will put potatoes inside his pants pocket only because he had a lot of pockets on his baggy blue pants .

"I cant walk!" said Bill so i think that the potatoes are to heavy because he had a lot of potatoes inside his pants pocket so that what made his pants feel so heavy so the pants are heavier than he think .

I can conclude that the pants are not for putting large items inside his pants. like potatoes. and other large items.because he said "my pants are much to heavy thats why bill took to some potatoes out his pants pocket.

so i can infer that since he took out all his potatoes that his pants will be light because the wind began to blow and his pants became bigger and bigger he began to float high in the sky i can conclude that the wind was blowing really hard and nothing was in his pants to hold him down.

Bill's mom didn't see him because bill shouted "look at me " i can conclude that bill's mom didn't hear him because he was high in the sky.then a bird pecked his pants so then his pants gotten smaller and smaller that is what causes him to down. bill shouted and said "look Im coming down".  i think bill mom thought he would come home late. but he didn't so thats why bill mom said "you got home quickly".



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