Cahrles's Much Ado Retelling


Claudio woos me through Don Pedro because of his shyness at the masquerade, Don Pedro says Claudio wishes to marry me. On the day of our wedding my name was slandered by Claudio and the prince, they wronged me but they know not what they do by the trickery of Don John and Borachio. Now my father wishes for me to fake my death to clear my name and marry Claudio, for Claudio has written an epitaph over my grave and now we are happily married. When Don John heard of my death he fled Messina, but Borachio and Conrade were caught that's how everyone found about how my name was slandered. Finally Benedick and Beatrice marry each other after always claiming they would never marry because they are both to independent to get married. Even tho they were both tricked by their friends into falling in love with each other..... and they realized they were tricked they stilled decided to get married.

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