My name is Jerome Klotz. I am 30 years old; a husband (to my beautiful wife of nine years, Sarah Beth), a father (to my beautiful children: Cosette, Jude, August, and Bishop), and a student (in my third year of academic work at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN (M.Div.)). I enjoy spending time with my family, reading good theology, and drinking good whisky.


I am not exactly a social media guru. In fact, I am quite unschooled in the whole social media market. I have no Facebook account. I do not Tweet. I had never heard of "Tackk" until this morning. Not because I am against any of these. Not at all. I just find that I don't have any time for them (and often the patience). Which is one of the major reasons why I am looking forward to taking this course. We live in a culture saturated with seemingly endless forms of social media. Here I will have an opportunity to explore and engage with some of them--and will do so theologically.

My blog for this course will be titled "Via Media." It is a title descriptive of my approach toward social media and its relationship to the church--her theology and her life of worship. Often the term "via media" is understood negatively as a compromising route seeking to avoid two extremes. I do not mean it this way (at least not primarily). Instead I understand it positively to mean "through the middle"--in the sense that Aristotle employed it: hitting the mark. The church never uncritically appropriates the culture surrounding her, but always seeks to adapt to its respective cultural context in a Christologically nuanced way. The church is primarily concerned with being faithful--and not simply with avoiding unfaithfulness.

The various forms of social media present to us today have great potential to assist the church in her task of proclaiming the gospel. But they have great potential to stifle and damage her proclamation as well. The question I would like to wrestle with over the span of this course is: how can we--as the church created by and committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ--engage with and appropriate the various forms of social media present today without at the same time succumbing to their detrimental effects (e.g., de-personalization, cyber-bullying, diminished privacy, and, irony or ironies, social isolation)?

I look forward to learning with and from you all.



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3 years ago

Your "Via Media" is wonderful!

3 years ago

I'm looking forward to finally meeting you in person! We've crossed paths a couple of times via online courses....oh, and you have a gorgeous family!