A tornado is a fast speed, spinning funnel cloud that is caused from a thunderstorm.

              How a Tornado is Formed?

                                Fujita Scale

A tornado is formed when a warm front and cold front come in contact with each other and cause a storm called a super cell.

After they come in contact the wind changes speed and direction, and increases height. This causes a column and when the column get caught in updraft (upward current of air). The column tightens in speed and rotation and formed a funnel cloud (rotating/spinning cloud).

Rain or hail from the thunderstorm causes the funnel cloud to touch to ground, finally making at tornado.  

Step by step on how a tornado formes
A Fujita Scale

A Fujita Scale is a scale that determines what kind of tornado it is. A Fujita Scale is all based on the wind speeds of the tornado. The most deadly tornadoes are the F5's tornadoes because they have the fastest wind speeds.

                  Most Deadly Tornadoes in                                        American History.

     How Humans have Learned to Prevent                    Pamage from Tornadoes

Dixie Outbreak in 2011 happened in Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Georgia. This deadly tornado killed 354 people. 287 tornadoes reported in 24 hours, which cost $1 million dollars in damage.

Natchez Tornado in 1840 happened in Mississippi. It killed 317 people and also injured 109 people. This was the second worst in U.S history, after the tri-state tornado in 1925. The amount of money in damage was not reported because it took place 175 years ago.

This was some of the destruction the Natchez Tornado caused.
Doppler Radar showing the server weather

Scientists have invented a Doppler Radar to show where tornadoes and other severe weather can be found.

Most people who live in areas where tornadoes are common build  storm shelter which is a type of under ground bunker to protect people from severe weather such as tornadoes.

Scientists have designed a Fujita scales which tell what kind of tornado

When a tornado is near or forming, tornado watches and warning are sent out so most people listen to them to know what the condition is.

Listen to the weather channel on radio

most families make a plan in case of a tornado

Most common and general things to do to stay safe is don’t be near windows, stay in basement or storm shelter


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