Stay Different

Lawson Jolley

I Believe

I believe in the 2nd amendment,

the right to hunt,

the right to fish,

the right to speak freely,

the right to be free,

the right to stand up for what you believe in,

the right to fight for whats right,work for what you want,

But I don't believe in stealing

I believe in being yourself,

I believe in standing up for yourself,

I believe in equal rights, never let anyone tell you how to live your life

And I believe in respecting my elders.

My Personal Credo

My credo is “Stay different”, this means to be yourself and have your own path. It means to not always go with society, to have a different plan. This credo is important to me because society is not always right.

I learned this when i was in third grade. The teacher asked the class to answer a question and she would call them out and ask us to raise our hand if we thought it was right the right answer. She called out an answer and everybody raised their hand, except me. Then she called out a second answer and i was the only one that raised my hand. Everybody started looking at me like i was crazy; but then the teacher told me that i was the only only one to get the right answer.

This credo is important to me because sometimes society tries to trick you into believing something that isn’t true or the right thing. I believe in this credo because if you go on a different path and stay different you might end up better off than the rest of society, just like Steve Jobs.

It will probably change as I get older because if other people are doing the same thing and are being successful that might make me want to follow them. It hasn’t really changed any since i have decided to live by it. It will shape my future because if i get a different job than everybody else then i might be more successful than them, but then agin i might not be as successful.

This credo is significant to me because I don’t do everything the same as others or go the same way. I would want others to do the same so in society everybody wouldn’t always have the same opinion. Because, like i said if you go a different path than others you might be more successful.

By Lawson Jolley

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