Curriculum Transformational
Strategies: Technology

Technology!  There are MANY technology resources to transform your curriculum.  For example, in the text book "Upgrade Your Curriculum" by Hale and Fisher, the authors outline a project that utilized different tools.  Students were completing a project about loveable Flat Stanley, but with a 21st century twist.  Instead of writing books at the end of the unit, the students used their new knowledge to make a podcast to broadcast across the globe.  They were successful!  Another tool utilized was Google Maps.  The students were able to track their podcast around the world by marking on the map all of the comments they had received about their presentation.  The teacher asked for comments by linking their project to Twitter... another great technology tool!

Other technology and web based tools available are file sharing apps such as Dropbox, search engines such as Pinterest, collaborating sites such as wikispaces, and creating sites such as VoiceThread.  The possibilities are truly endless!  

I am interested in trying Voice Thread in my classroom.  It would be a great way to make a culminating project at the end of a unit, such as at the end of the Flat Stanley Podcast.  

Click on the button below to see a slideshare presentation I found that has some fun uses for Voice Threads in your classroom!