Immune cells/system

                                           What makes the immune system stronger?

What makes the immune cells stronger is vitamin A; but in food wise, greens, especially broccoli.

                                  What makes the immune system weaker?

Anything that stops or slows your immune system, like lack of food or lack of sleep.

                                              Is there an vitamin that helps you?

Vitamin A is really good.

                                                       How do the poor cope?

Scientists have invented a rice called Golden Rice. It's called "Golden Rice" because it is full of vitamin A and it's turned yellow.

                                    How many immune cells do you have?

You have 40,000,000,000,000 (40 trillion) immune cells in your body. Your Immune cells take up only 1 percent of your cells.

                                          Do they have another name?

Yes they do. They are also called white blood cells.

                                      What are the two types of cells?

B cells protect you by making antibodies. Antibodies are little 'sticky bits' that stick to viruses and bacteria when they get inside the body.  

The T cells will find cells that are covered with 'sticky bits' or antibodies, and eat them up. T cells can also spot cells that are sick because they are infected with viruses or haven't been made properly and may cause a cancer.

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