A video game designer is a person that creates electronic games for entertainment.

When I grow up I want to be a video game designer.


To become a video game designer, you need a bachlors degree. That is a 4 year college and people usually only do that many.

Annual salary

The annual salary of a video game designer is about $83,240.

Why I'm interested

The reason I want to become this job is because I am really interested in technology and I love playing games. There is always something I want to change about a game, and I can make what I want and other people will like itz


The school I will attend it USC, university of Southern California. The reason I want to go here is because it is the number 1 video game school in the nation.

Pros and cons

A pro is that I will get a very good education about my occupation. The price is over $45,000 and it is hard to afford so that is a con. It is a small campus so you can easily get to classes so you don't have to use transportation. Since it's small, it will be very crowded with less learning and no one on one interaction.

Years of education

You need 4 years of college to get a job for becoming a video game designer.


The price of this college for one year is $45,602.

Total cost

The cost of the school for 4 years is $218,408.

Payment for school

I will try to get a scholarship to this school and if I can't then I will get a loan or a grant.

Why I chose this payment

I chose to pay like this because since the job pays a lot I can pay it off over time if I get s loan. If I get a scholarship I would like that because I won't have to pay some money off.

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