Icelandic Journey

Tromping around in the world of myths.

An epic traffic jam in the world of Iceland

Snow-climbing in August, no big deal.

Theme:  Here, we would write a short, perhaps three-paragraph, theme about the epic beauty of traveling in Iceland.


Filling station staples in all parts of Iceland; taste the lamb!

Reindeer and cormorant; typical bird/deer combination

Only in Iceland would they actually offer you garlic butter in an expresso cup.  This was difficult to consume.

Upscale dinners were all too common, unfortunately for our creepy Icelandic money.

Here, we can write our second theme about the food of Iceland.  It will be delicious.


Water from the glaciers; this was from the local Snaefellsnes.

Sunset at 11:45.  Sunrise two hours later.

Dead whale?  Dead whale.

Standing under a waterfall is much easier than chasing them.

I was always pro-puffin, but after eating them, I'm unabashedly a fan.

We found nicer geothermal pools, but none more rustic than this one.

And finally, we can add our extremely savvy and ground-breaking observations about our trip.  Kosher?