Essay Writing Process

1) New Translated Question

2) Brainstorm List of Ideas-words, concepts, etc.

3) Hierchically organize and group these words and concepts into big ideas

4) Polish your big ideas into full sentences

5) Order those sentences from most important to least importanLearning Goal-Organizing Thought in a Creative way to attempt to prove something...

Different than List

a) hierarchical thinking (prioritizing)

b) developed ideas and nuanced

c) supporting arguments with details (ethos, pathos, logos)

d) entertainment is less primary and being accurate is a greater virtue…

e) not as loose…each sentence matters….

f) traditionally no visuals, but more and more this is changing (sports writing for example)

Your Thesis Statement

Two purposes

a)  to tell your reader what you are going to argue

b) to tell your reader the way you will argue it (what order will the points be in?)

Topic Sentences

2) Establish most important arguments and group likes together into topic sentences...

similarity and difference




-master things


Thesis Statement Writing

3) Create a thesis out of topics sentences that suggests order…YOUR PARAGRAPHS SHOULD FOLLOW THE SAME ORDER as your THESIS STATEMENT suggests.

4) Introduce your subject-why is its important? what context does your reader need to understand your thoughts!

5) Write a conclusion that summarizes your findings and that points beyond….

Paragraph Writing

Topic Sentence  needs to be transitional (depending on order)

Supporting details need to relate directly to topic sentence


Essay question needs to be introduced-why is this question important?  why did you ask the question?

Thesis-what is the order?

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