Call of the Wild
By: Jack Landon

The Call of the Wild” is the best book. If you love dogs this is the book for you but even if you don't like dogs. This book is still good, there will never be a moment when you can put this book down.

This book is about a dog named Buck that had everything a dog could wan't. Until one day his owner sells him to a mean man with a club in Alaska. Buck has not even seen snow until now.

Bucks new owner was really mean because he would not let the dogs into the tent to stay warm. So Buck had to dig a hole to go into to block the wind.

Buck and the other dogs had to pull a heavy sled and they almost died!

You will really like this book. If you want to know what happens next you will have to go out and buy this book and read it today and tell everyone about how good it is.

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