Comparing Estimates!!!

Gwen Liston, Math 6, February 5


My math project is about comparing estimates! I will compare peoples' guesses on how many tigers they think remain in the wild today. I made a table comparing peoples' estimates and worked with fractions and percents to compare every one's estimates!

My Table!

Reflection on my tables!!!

Do people tend to estimate too high or too low?

Most people estimated to high. I think think this is because they were just playing around or because they haven't caught up on the rapidly decreasing animal population. The people that estimated too low probably thought that tigers were dying out faster than they expected. 14 out of 25 people estimated too low and 11 out of 25 people estimated too high. So, in conclusion, people tended to guess to low.

What percentage of those surveyed were above the actual amount, and what percentage were below?

56% of the people I surveyed estimated too low and 44% of the people I surveyed estimated too high.

Did anyone estimate the correct number (within 5% high or low)?

No one estimated within the 5% range.


I learned a lot from this project. I learned that people are not keeping up with wildlife and environmental news. I think that it is very important to keep up with that news because then you can think of what you can do to make an effort to be more environmentally friendly. I also learned that students in my grade don't always exactly have the time to think about their answer and give a random one. For example, Travis said 100,000,000,000,000 which is NOT a reasonable answer. Lastly, I learned that math really helps you understand daily life situations better. It also helps you analyze data and compare things. Go math!

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