The revolutionary situation which had developed in 18th century France through mismanagement of the economy was one of the reasons for the French Revolution developing. There was also political conflict and trouble with the government ruling. Louis XVI was unfit to rule the French so this would be another reason why the French started a revolution.

The French Revolution was started by many reasons, but another reason would be taxes. Tax prices went up so the French could get more money to spend on another war that they were trying to fight. So they put taxes on the people so they would have more money for more weapons and battle supplies.

Reason for Revolution

The peasants were having a rough time trying to deal with taxes and still have to work their jobs and had to take care of their families. As the price of food began to rise, the peasants began to starve because they couldn't afford the food with the new prices.

The French thought Louis XVI was not a good leader and thought he was unfair to them, so they started a revolution. This is how the revolution started.