1. What does decision making entail?

Assessing, brainstorming, considering consequences, deciding and acting and evalulating.

2. Why are the decisions you make now, so important?

The decisions you make now are important because they can have a great impact on your future. Poor decisions can lead to a poor life down the road.

3. What affects the decisions that we make?

How we feel. In long term decisions we tend to use more logic.

4. How does making a positive decision, empower a person?

A positive decision leads to a postive outcome and can benefit you and others around you.


On Thursday, Danny and I went to the library. After getting dropped off, we noticed that there was a sign on the door that said the library was closed. Our poor decision making led to us having to walk 5 miles back to my house to do this project. If we had assessed the library before coming, we could have brainstormed to have come a day eariler. The end

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