Biathletes in the Olympics


The history of Biathlete is it originated in Norwegian people for exercising , and for training for the military. They called it military patrol, it was a combination of skiing and shooting. It was contested in the Winter Games in 1924. There is a mixed gender of contestants. The guns they used are 30-06 Springfield and the 22 long rifle rim fire. They lay in three positions prone , crouched, and standing up.

5 fun Facts

1.The sport has its root in hunting techniques that have been used Scandinavian countries for centuries.

2. These strategies were later used by the Swedish and Norwegian militaries.

3.Biathlon was first contested at the 1924 Winter Olympics in France.

4.The sport involves skiing long distances with occasional stops to shoot at targets.

5. If a competitor misses a target , they are then required to ski a 150-meter penalty loop.