6 MEH.1.1
The Decision - Making Model

Candace Shaw       5th

STEP 1: You have been on the  Junior Varsity cheerleading team  and you tried out for the Varsity team and you made it. The team doesn't sponsor band , but you have been participating in band since the fifth grade. What do you do?

STEP 2: You could join the cheerleading team or you could continue band.

STEP 3: If you join the cheerleading team you might get invited to important or popular events, but if you stay in band you will continue to be unpopular.

STEP 4: Your values are based upon what you choose.

STEP 5: You are going to stay in band because you don't care about being popular and your going to go with what you do best.

STEP 6: Band is the best option so you don't have to worry about your grades being bad to stay on the team.

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