The Islamic Empire

How is Muslim Religion past like present day?

Islamic empires...

Ottoman Empire (1299-1923)


They got land from helping defending the Mongols and beating the Byzantine empire to grow and become a big empire.


They believed in was Muslim and Christianity. They had the millet system put them in to religious/ethnic/geographical and they had the devshirme system put children for tax which were for non-Muslims.


They were mainly traders trading many things. They also had many merchants and set up business. Their economy was very strong.  

The Safavid empire (1591-1722)


The Safavid Empire came to be when they declared Independence from the Ottomans.


The religion was a form of Islamic teachings called Shi'ism. They tried to convert people to their religion through a council or killing them if they did not want too. They believed in there religion and had many scholars and teachings and had strong beliefs.  


They made lots of money on Persian rugs and silk weaving. There were good economics because they were on the silk road. They used money to make the religion better and bought land to make new religious aristocrats.  

The Mughal empire (1526-1707)


They grew from the fall of the Mongol empire. So they took advantage and became an empire known as the Mughal  empire.


They spread Sunni Islam teachings, which was a Muslim teaching. Which is strange cause it was a mostly Hindu populated empire.


The economy was dependent on agriculture and industry. The main source was is from farming. They grew many different cash crops. They also became big on trade of there cash crops.

Sultanates Empire (1206-1517)


The Sultanate empire emerged when one of the Ghurid commanders, Qutb al-Din Aybak, established an independent realm.


The religion they had was the Sunni Islam. They had many diverse population of empires all over.


They had many different ways for their economy trade, agriculture, industries, and tax system.They had a very strong economy and had many ways to bring in money. They always had lots of money coming in, which made the economy very strong time.


Critical Thinking Question

What are the basic beliefs and practices of each Indian empire?



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