Copyright Tackk

By:Johnny Boy Dominguez

Copyright is very important and so are many other words, like

1. Fair Use - exceptions and limitations to copyright law that allow the public to use portions of copyrighted material

ex. You go to a site and see a video, but it is just a small portion of a t.v program not the whole program

2. Hacking - accessing someone's computer without permission regardless of the activity or intent

ex. You see a person getting on someone else's computer trying to get into their accounts or get passwords from some other account.

3. Copyright - the owner has control of what can be done with their intellectual property

ex. You are the owner of a video of some thing that is protected from copyright, you make a change to it or post it.

4. Intellectual Property - original work protected by copyright law

ex. You have work that is your property and it is protected by Copyright

5. Piracy - term used when music, movies and software are copied and "burned" illegally

ex. You have some music and movies and you decide to burn it to a CD.

6. Plagiarism - "stealing" someone else's work and pretending it's yours

You have a school project over a topic and you go to a site and copy paste all of the information from it and claim that its yours.

7. Public Domain - materials that are not protected by copyright law that can be used by the public without permission or payment

ex. You go watch a video for free and without permission online that is not protected by copyright.

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