Apps for English Language Arts



                                                           Elementary School

There are many good iPad's apps that can be used in Elementary school for language Arts from K- 6. I have explored only six apps. These apps keep students interested and motivated in their learning. These apps provide them many options for creativity and for easy sharing.

App 1
Look At Me Stories


Look At Me Stories app is useful for kindergarden and grade 1. While using this app children can build their personalized book. Students can choose from a selection of illustrations to create a book around themselves and their favourite things. Every kid is unique. By doing so they can feel special and unique in their life. They can insert small pictures and customize them in whatever they want. The can learn small words that are used in their daily lives. After when they are done they can share it with anyone they want. If teacher gets all their books and show them in the class, would be great!

App 2


Toontastic is a fantastic app! It provides children an opportunity being creative and make their own cartoon stories. Children can share their stories with others as well. Teacher can review their stories before going public. Children can move the characters and record the stories verbally. The app is good for elementary school aged children. The following video will explain in detail what kids can do with this amazing app.

App 3


Meegenius is a wonderful app giving children access to more than 800 books. Students can select whatever book they want to read or listen. It has a very good collection of books that appeal to children's senses. It is a very good app to enhance their imagination and vocabulary. Children can become fluent reader after having access to it. This app is good for pre K to grade 4/5. The only thing I would say that the free version provides access to some books only, after that either you have to buy the books or  monthly subscribe to have access to all the books. The following video will explain more features of the app.

App 4
Sock Puppets


Sock Puppets let children create their own puppet shows, they can share them on Facebook and YouTube. They can add puppets, props, scenery, and backgrounds to create the puppet show. When they hit the record button and the puppets automatically lip-synch to their voice. Also group of students can work together and create conversations with multiple puppets. While recording, they simply tap a puppet and that puppet will lip-synch to their voice. They can tap a different puppet to make them talk back and forth. They can switch backgrounds to take their puppets to different places, move the puppets all over the screen and use props and scenery to animate them while recording.  The app is good for any age group to make any informative or funny puppet show. Watch the following video to learn more about this app.

App 5
5th Grade Language Arts


5th Grade Language Arts is a very good app that is age appropriate and covers many learner outcomes for grade 5 curriculum. It mainly focuses on grammar, verbs, vocabulary and spellings. Each topic has many sub units and exercises. After when students solve them, they can check their feedback and scores. The app has lesson summaries on the various topics as well to explain in detail with definition and examples. Students can buy more stuff with the scores they accumulate over time. It offers blackBoard as well where students can draw or do whatever they want. The app is not only available for English language Arts but other major subjects as well such as science and math etc. Click on the following link to check other features of the app.

App 6
CC Quest


This is a free app and gives students access to hundreds of practice quizzes for math and language arts. Before and after taking a quiz students can watch short video lessons that address the skills needed to do well in the quizze. To use the app, the student selects his or her grade level then selects the math or language arts skill he or she is working toward mastering. Teachers probably should provide directions to students as to which skill or concept they should be working on. The student will earn digital badges when he or she shows mastery of the skill through quiz scores. A student can invite his or her teacher to view the progress that he or she is making toward each goal in Common Core Quest. Students can invite teacher either by email or by class code if the teacher has created a class account on open education resources.

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