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Travel Insurance? Follow These Steps

Many frequent travelers search for the best deal on travel insurance. However, how should one go about selecting the best deal?

Many frequent travelers search for the best deal on travel insurance. However, how should one go about selecting the best deal?

To avail best value of travel insurance one must be able to analyze various things. Further, you will understand the steps to follow to benefit from the best travel insurance.

Important things to know to benefit from best value of travel insurance are-

#Step 1-Have you considered the worst-case scenario?

When you consider the worst-case scenario which can happen during the travel, you will be able to select the best value travel insurance. This is because it places a broad picture in front of you.

You’ll be able to get the best travel insurance by studying crucial factors like-

  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Theft
  • Other expenses due to unprecedented events during the journey

Having done this, you’ll be able to determine the maximum rate of premium you can pay, hence leading you towards purchase of best value travel insurance as per your budget.

#Step 2-Have you reviewed what all things your travel insurance must cover?

Check for coverage of essential factors like-

  • Loss of cash and property
  • Damage to property
  • Flight delays
  • Flight cancellations
  • Accidents
  • Health issues
  • Potential liabilities & legal costs

Always remember to analyze the details of general insurance plan. Remember to read the policy documents of the general insurance company in India from where you buy travel insurance. Ensure all the above things are covered by your travel insurer.

#Step 3- Have you reviewed your current insurance?

This is the next step towards selecting best value travel insurance. Always examine your existing insurance policy for essential coverage options such as cover against theft & loss.


  • Doing this the insured won’t have to pay for already covered options. This will reduce the rate of your travel insurance.

#Step 4- If you’re a regular traveler, have you got yearly travel insurance?

Frequent or regular travelers may have travelling rate of twice or more in a year. Hence, such travelers are advised to get yearly travel insurance.

It’s more cost effective as it saves enough money than single trip insurance plans where the traveler has to incur every time he/she travels.

Yearly travel insurance tends to cover all the damage costs of traveler incurred during his annual trips!

#Step 5- Buy from valid Indian travel insurance company

It’s advised to get your travel insurance from a legal general insurance company or travel insurer. Judge the company’s credibility by analyzing company’s history. Also know its performance and customer satisfaction rate with regards to its insurance offerings.

Be clear about the terms regarding cancellation of policy and any query you have in mind get it cleared by the professional.

I hope this easy guide will help you to get the best travel insurance as per your needs so that you stay relaxed throughout the trip!

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