Fly Swatter

By: Saya Parker

A fly swatter is an implement used for swatting insects, typically a square of plastic mesh attached to a wire hanger. A schoolteacher named Frank H. Rose created the "fly bat", a device consisting of a yard stick attached to a piece of screen. The device is now commonly known as a fly swatter. It  was invented in the summer of 1905. The such great impact the the fly swatter had was that it was a more easier and safer tool to use for people to kill flies. Another great impact was that from that time period to now is that even people today still use fly swatters instead of the hazardous sprays because of the fact that not everyone is able to stand the smell, because of asthma, and also because if you really think about it the sprays sometimes don't even really work like they canister say they will. Fly swatters can be considered everyone's best friend when it comes to killing mosquitoes. However, that isn't true for everyone because everyone is fascinated with the spray, or so used to using it. Commonly today fly swatters are used not only to kill flies, but sometimes people hit each other with them because of aggravation or anger to take out on someone else.

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