Changes to be Made
to Police Training

With all the new technologies that we will have in the future, police training is set to make a great change. This above photo is from a video showed in the advantages and disadvantages section of this presentation. It contains technologies that have strong potential in the future of policing. For both the new police officers in the future and the ones that will watch these technologies grow, the most important thing for these officers will be the training. As of right now police are trained for our current, basic technology, but as our technology grows and we have things like the integrated display glasses, the training will become much more in depth. It will become more expensive for police services to train police officers and it will also take a much longer amount of time. The standards and qualifications for individuals applying for policing jobs will also go through a very different change because of how much the technology will change.

In the above photo is an example of a future police technology called mobile weapon scanners. It allows a police officer to search a person without having to physically search them. This new technology is a specific example of how police training will change in terms of searches. Officers will no longer have to have to danger themselves by physically searching an individual because they will be able to keep a safe distance away from the person they are searching. Also, they will not have to explain in detail their searching process because they will not have to physically touch the person, which will allow for minimal to no law suits against officers for improper searches.

Now, here is a photo of training that happens among today's police officers. As you can see, the technology in this picture has not yet advanced, but it allows you to see how much technology can change police training from the above photos and examples. The training may become more difficult and more expensive, but in the end our future technology that police will be trained to use will better police officers so they can keep our communities safe.