For Darkness Shows the Stars

By: Diana Peterfreund

For Darkness Shows the Stars is a book where the main character (Elliot) writes letters. He writes letters because there is a technology war when Elliot's family apposes technology.

In the beginning Elliot's  Dad gets rid of Elliot's wheat for a race track and Elliot feels horrified inside because her dad is cruel for "dumb" reasons. Elliot has to take care of the slaves when an Admiral comes and asks for slaves to help build his ship.

Elliot goes to her grandpa to tell him that the Admiral will need his house so he needs to go back Elliot's house. Her grandpa had a stroke where he can't talk but he understands English.

At Elliot's house the Admiral introduces his captains which one of them was Elliot's friend when they were kids and they wanted to run away with Elliot, but now Kai is still angry that Elliot's duties wouldn't let her.

Elliot harvests the wheat through the next days and learns that her grandfather is having strokes just about every day. The Admiral's wife, Felicia, helps her grandpa, and Elliot tells Felicia that she wants to get out of the boundaries unlike everyone else.

Elliot hears that Kai is getting married to Olivia. We learn that Felicia's daughter died before Kai goes to the post party. The next day Kai apologizes, Elliot and Kai play a childhood game with the lip of a cliff and Kai jumps. Kai makes it to the tower and she realizes that he had been modified, then Olivia jumps and is badly injured. They get her to Felicia and Olivia is fine. Alone, Kai tells Elliot that the modifications were to save Felicia's  daughter. Elliot feels bad about having genetically modified wheat after that.

Elliot's grandpa died having a stroke, she and Felicia are the only ones who care. Her family was planning a house party to talk to other people. And Olivia wakes up from her comma like state. Elliot's grandpa's will is read out, and it says Elliot should own the Estate. Then her father and sister bully her but she stands up this time.

Elliot's father banished her from the Estate, and she is told to give the rights over to someone or the slaves will be shot. Elliot then just leaves feeling free and not having to be underground. Kai and Elliot reunite and Kai learns why she wouldn't run away.

Elliot is in her twenties, wealthy, and no longer living in a under ground city where there are cultural problems.

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