Sports Med. Final project- ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) Tear

Kingston's knee is bending forward in the process of being torn.

Soap Note

S: Kingston said he had a quick change in direction, heard and felt a loud pop, and says there was major pain(8/10). He might be slightly on the  dramatic side though. Kingston has always battled knee pain and has very weak knees. The whole knee is very swollen.

O: MFT(-), MMT-p!, Lachman's (+), Ant. Drawer (+), post. drawer (-), valgus (-), varus(-).

A: ACL tear

P: surgery needed, 8 months of rehab, straight leg immobilizer, MRI needed for confirmation.

Doctor's note

My patient walked in with severe pain in his right knee. He said he bent it and felt a pop falling down. We did an evaluation on him and suspect it is a ACL tear. The short term plan was for him to get an MRI to confirm the tear, and long term plan was to get surgery and rehab after.

Follow up MD note

The patient does have a tear. The short term plan is to schedule immediate surgery, and have the patient put into a straight leg immobilizer until the date of surgery.Long term plan is to have an 8 month rehab plan until the patient is cleared to resume activities.