Trip to Sidney New York

My Haiku and Picture:

The Susquehanna
flows for miles and carries water.
The trout go upstream.

This will be their home,
where they can live, sleep, and feed.
They will also feel free.

When we visited Sidney I had so much fun. I really enjoyed releasing the trout and getting to see them swim away into their new home. I also liked hiking and seeing all the amazing scenes. The old reserviors were so pretty, and they were filled with some really cool wildlife. We saw snakes, frogs, and salamanders. I also liked the waterfall.

When the Sidney group came to visit us in New York City we all had a great time. We went on a boat tour and saw the statue of Liberty and Ellis Island where we took some really nice pictures. We also visited the American Museum of Natural History. When we were there we visited the butterfly exhibit and the pterosaur exhibit. They were both really cool and i learned a lot of new things from visiting these exhibits.

I never got to meet my Pen-Pal, but i still got to talk to other Sidney students. Overall both times we met the students from Sidney we had fun. Thank you to all the Sidney students and all the other adults that helped along the way.

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