Brighton Beach Memoirs
Zahory Garcia

The Great Depression

It all started in 1929, ended in 1939. Thirteen to fifteen billion people were interested in this story. It was the longest and more severe depression ever experienced in the world. The great depression caused citizens not to have jobs and unemployed causing them to go poor because there was very little money.

Colleges in the 1930's

Penn State York

In 1939 the federal government designated Penn state. Classes met at the William Penn Senior High School. A one year, full time, day technical program offering a diploma to its graduates was insituted. These academic programs were were conducted on a part-time basis. The tutition there was $400. Medicine there was also $400 such as dental medicine and law. Penn state's mascot is a lion. Theres alot of majors and writing in Penn State University.

Stan's apology letter.

Dear Mr. Stroheim

I want to apologize for throwing that dirt at you, I honestly didn't mean to. I will make sure it won't happen again. I will appreciate if you would give me a second chance.I really don't know how you can forgive me but I would do anything for you to forgive me.  I don't know how i threw the dirt at you i guess i just went off. Please hire me back and I promise you this won't happen ever again. I'm so sorry I really like working with you honestly it's a good job I learn new things in life. I can see my self in the future doing something I really like. In this job I actually learn new things that i can actually show to my family and my brother I love waking up every morning and say "yes I'm going to work". Please forgive me I'll leave my number just in case you change you're mind.
(968)898-2310. Thank you!


Broadway Show


In my personal response I say this is a good book. Why? It is very intense it is better than all the books we've read. Brighton Beach Memoirs is about drama, about a family were they lost a lot of money and when they want to move out, they have so many reasons of how they start drama. In this story i don't have a favorite character but they all have different personalities compared to the mom and dad. In this book it gives us a message that family is always there for you no matter how you're mood is   it also gives us a message that friends can be there for you too but not as much as how family is. People should read this to have a moment were they can have fun and laugh if only there could be more books of Brighton Beach Memoirs so we can know more about it.

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