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Map of Chad

This is had and it's major cities

Chad has 14 bigger cities, N'Djamena is the capital. Six counties surround Chad they are Niger, Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic (CAR), Cameroon, and Nigeria. Chad covers 1,284,000 square miles and is almost 800 miles wide.

Chads Food and Clothing

In Chad people eat goat meat for their main source of protein, for their main source of dairy they have milk from goats and clarified butters and yogurts. They also have a thick grain porridge that they call boule, and for the main vegetables they eat are onions and tomatoes. Women in Chad wear a pagne with a short sleeved shirt with elaborately patterned necklines. Muslim women conceal their clothing with a head-to-toe covering and a veil. Chad men wear long robes called jalabiyas and a turban wrapped carefully around there head.

Holidays Traditions and Activites

Women's Day

On government issued holidays people celebrate with military parades, decorated streets, marching bands, traditional dancing, Arab horseman, and speeches. On Muslim holidays they celebrate with enjoy special foods, share wealth, dress up, and visit. Women celebrate Women's Day by parades and other festives

Cbad History

Idriss Déby

Chad has had many civilizations on the land it is on. People ignored chad until the french split up the land. The people of Chad elected François Tombalbaye as their president in 1960 when they became free, but Muslims and other groups didn't like him so they killed him. Military ruled after that but then a man named Hissène Habré took the presidency for himself. He harmed many people about 40,000 people. With help from the U.S. and French Chad fought and won a war with Libya over the Aozou Strip on the border of Chad and Libya in 1994. In 2001 Déby won the election for a new president. Déby is serving the forth term because a boycott got the law to change the two-term limit.Beginning in 2004 fighting in Sudan spilled into Chad and the government officials tried to over through Déby. The fighting continued until 2010 when the relationship improved between the two countries and people could travel to sudan through Chad.

Language in Chad

Most people in Chad speak Chadian Arabic (an oral language that combines Arabic, French, Fulani, and local dialects) is used for cross-ethnic communication, but the official languages of Chad are French and Arabic. There are more than one hundred languages spoken in Chad, including Central African and Sara, which is widely used in the south. Chad's nomads usually speak one of 30 dialects of Chadian Arabic.


Muslim women

Most of Chad's population is Muslim, about 53 percent. Catholic is the second most practiced religion with about 20 percent. The next most practiced religion is protestant with about 14 percent. Animist is the next most practiced with about 7 percent. The last one is the Atheist with about 3 percent


Chad classroom

Chad's education system, based on the French model, begins with first grade at age six and can continue to the equivalent of the second year of college. Many students drop out after sixth grade; few are educated beyond junior high. Fees, lack of resources, frequent strikes, the need for girls to help at home, and other factors hinder many Chadians from getting an education.

Interesting Facts

Most marriages are arranged by families, but youth can meet at other times. young women are in their teens and men in their twenties. A suitor gets to know a girls brother and father before he is allowed to spend time together. Men pay a bride's price which depends on her beauty and status and men find it difficult to do this. Muslim weddings are rich and long, while in southern Chad weddings are short and require the paying of the bride. Most of the time a couple is considered married when the woman becomes pregnant.People consider a first born an amazing thing when it is a boy.

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