Flowers for Algernon

                                                 By- Shelbie Gaskill

Top 10 differences

1. In the movie Mrs.Kinian and Charly fall in love.

2. In the movie Charly gets aggressive with Mrs.Kinnian and trys to kiss her in her apartment and she trys to get him off of her.

3. Mrs.Kinnian went up to Charlys apartment with him in the movie.

4. In the movie Mrs.Kinnian trys to resign from Charlys experiment.

5. The guys at work played a trick on Charly in the movie to make him go stand on the corner but doesn't get beaten up.

6. Mrs. Kinian gave Charly his test to be chosen for the operation in the movie.

7.  In the book Charly goes to the night after the operation has happened and he figures out that he is getting stupider and thinks he is in class again.

8.In the movie there is like a montage of bikers and dancing.

9. In the book Chary is actually spelt Charlie.

10. In the book Charly puts flowers on Algernons grave.