Martian Chronicles Imagery

"The rockets set the body meadow afire, turning rock to lava, transmitting water to steam, made sand ans silica into green glass which lay like shattered mirrors reflecting the invasion, all about." ( Page 78.)

"He awoke to a tap on his brow. Water ran down his nose into his lip. Another drop hit his eye, blurring it. Another splashing his chin." ( Page 76.)

"The smell of Bigg's sweating body was on the air." (Page 52.)

"He carried six empty bottles and dropped them one by one into the deep blue canal waters. They made empty, hollow, drowning sounds as they sank." ( Page 53.)

"A shot sounded. Very clearly, sharply, the sound of the evil insect weapon." ( Page 12.)

"But the valley and morning were green. And the air! All about, like a moving current, a mountain river, came the new air, the oxygen blew from the green trees. You could see a shimmer high in the crystal billows." ( Page 77-78.)

"Tomas felt his own body and, feeling the warmth, was reassured." ( Page 82.)

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