Team Palmer's Newsletter

Reading Unit 4 Week 5 Our story this week is “The First Tortilla’’

Amazing words – condition, terrifying, whip, funnel,

predict, breeze, sparkle, swirl

Vocabulary – awaken, prize, volcano, cliffs, rainbow, mountain, suffer

Comprehension Skills – Plot and Theme Monitor and Clarify

Spelling Words too new fruit know volcano

blue true fool won’t cliffs

suit spoon clue awaken mountain

juice drew flew prize suffer

Math Topic 12 Geometry

English Adverbs that tell how

Social Studies Chapter 4: Celebrating Our Traditions

Lesson 3: What We Celebrate?

Lesson 4: American Stories

First and Second Grade will sing a song and recite two poems at the February PTA Meeting. The poems have been attached to this newsletter. Please help your child practice and memorize the poems at home.

Important Dates:

February 6- ½ Day for Students

February 9- Progress Reports Go Home

February 10- PTA Meeting

Ms. Scott and Mrs. Palmer