By: Paige Smith and Victoria Bettes

Outcome of plant affected by whiteflies.
Symptoms when whiteflies are present.

What pest looks like: They are about 1/10 to 1/16 inches long, have four wings that are held roof like over the body, and have a white waxy coating.

Category: Chewing Insect and Insect Pest

Problem caused: They attack leaves, buds, and stems sucking the juice out of them and produce honeydew that drips onto the plant making the growth of soofy mold, this causes the spread of plant viruses.

Symptoms when pest is present: They suck the juice out of the plant causing the plant to seriously weaken and grow poorly. (Picture)

Other problems: There is not really any other problems, the whiteflies just suck the juice out of the plant making the plant very weak.

If left untreated: The plant will be seriously weakend and will grow poorly. The leaves will most likely turn yellow and appear dry and drop prematurely.

What can be done to minimize pest: Spray plant affected by whiteflies with insecticidal soap. Purchase a fly trap and put it on/next to the plant.

Cost of best control: About $18.00 for an 8 oz. spray bottle.

4-5 types of controls: Biological Control- Ladybugs and spiders will help reduce whiteflies if placed next to plant affected by whiteflies.

Chemical Control- Spraying plant affected by whiteflies with pyrethin spray.

Cultural Control- Whiteflies will be affected when sprayed with pyrethin spray.

Mechanical Control- The whiteflies will start to die off when pyrethin spray is applied.

Steps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvDYxIu8m2g

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