Kuddos!! I Won a School League & Tournament Championship....

By:Karim Veney

Me and Marlon Banks had gone 16 and 0 with our school basketball team meaning we won 16 games and lost zero. We had a tournament championship. It was practice day and everyone on the basketball team had to attend. Me, Marlon, Kevin, Brandon, and others. At first we all were beefing. None of us got along. But the basketball team brought us together. The coach had told us if we wanted to play for the team we had to put our differences aside. Brandon and I were already cool. Coach said we had to represent our families and school. We practiced and hung out together a lot to get our chemistry up. It turned out that the basketball team had turned us into a family

. Marlon Banks was my best friend last year we fought together and we fought each other but most important was that we had each other back. Kevin was an enemy when I first moved around there, then I beat him and his brother up so we were cool after that. I met Brandon at a park called Waterview down Germantown we played a 5 vs.5 tournament. He was on my team, but it was a regular street tournament. He was an 8th grader at my school. Us four were like NBA players I was Stephen Curry , Marlon was D.wade, Brandon was Lebron, and Kevin was Kyrie Irving.

When we entered the tournament practices got harder and harder. My skills had gotten better, but we almost lost our first game in the tournament. It was tied up, then they scored then Marlon scored! They had shot and missed and we called timeout. Ran the clock and I hit the buzzer beater. The coach was happy to win the game but was frustrated by how close the game was.

We had to do an extra practice the coach felt like we didn’t put enough effort . Me and the coach argued he made me sit out the next game. We barely won in overtime. Next game was the championship game. We had to win.

I was the captain of the team and if we lose I would very disappointed . I gave a speech before the game in the locker room(WE WORKED HARD ALL YEAR FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY FOR SOME PEOPLE ITS OUR LAST LETS GO OUT THERE AND HAVE FUN AT THE END OF THE DAY LETS BE CHAMPIONS). At the end of first quarter it was 25-38. We were losing . Second quarter I scored 8 straight points, and I sparked my team up Marlon hit a 3. At the end of the quarter we were up by 1. They took the lead back in third quarter; they were up by 8. In the 4th quarter there was 2 minutes left, we were down by 10.

I turned up on them and I scored 8 straight points, then Kevin hit a 3 so we was up by 1 point, with 24 second left they scored and took the lead back. They were up by 1 and we called time out. The picked me to shot the ball since I was the captain and had the most confidence. And I made the buzzer beater. We won by 1; I had hit a three pointer . That was the end of the game. The crowd was hype up. We gave each other handshakes .Then, we collected our trophies and award metals. As always I was the MVP.

The next day at school we had all took a picture . Then we talked on stage about how hard the season was. Mostly everyone gave a great speech . It felt good

knowing everyone were happy for us. We were happy that we had so many fans and people who supported us. So we showed love back and won the tournament. We gave shoutouts to some people. We performed a talent show. I rapped in front of the home school.

What amazed me was after all we been threw as a team we still managed to forget about the arguments and fights. Then won the championship