Industrial Revolution
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Alfred Nobel had correctly mixed the substances for the explosive in 1866 after many tries to get the combanation right.


dynamite was at first used just for fun....., then when they relised how useful this explosive could be they started to use it for mining, building canals and framing the city like taking out moutains of large obsticles.

                    Positive affects:

* made it easier to do the big jobs that would have taken forever to do without this exposive.

* it allowed people to further their imports and exports.

                   Negative affects:

* if it got into the wrong hands then it could cause mayham on states.

* while creating canals people would drink and use the explosive and many lost lives.

                      How it Works

Nitroglycerin,The carbon and hydrogen combine with oxygen, and the nitrogen is liberated.most true explosives contain the oxygen they need for burning in the chemical. This allows burning to occur much more quickly.You normally use a blasting cap to create a big blast. A blasting cap creates a small explosion that triggers the larger explosion in the dynamite itself

                     Todays Version:

we still use dynamite today but it is used in a safer more protected way than it was used and we only let it be used by profesionals who know what they are doing.

                     Essential Question:

The Battle of the Crater was a battle of the American Civil War part of the Siege of Petersburg. It took place on July 30, 1864, between the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia because they exploded a dam and it was making southern stated lose their water out of a canal that was built.

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