Career Research Project

Isaac Gustafson

                                                                   Necessary Job Skills

  • Communication
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Analytical Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Teamwork Skills


The requirements for this job is a high school diploma. However I will get an associates degree in business from Black Hawk college.

The tech school I have been looking at is ITT Tech it is close by and does not take long to get the certificate that I need from there.

Work hard to get your dreams.

                   I would say that the role model in my life would be my dad. He is very dedicated to his job and is a very hard working person. He get things done when he needs to. Also he helps a lot of people with what he does. He is a part of Rebuilding together which is when he goes to people with homes in not so good shape and fixes the homes up for them.

                   The reason I respect this person so much is that he is always helping someone that needs it. Also he is just a wonderful person to know.

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