Wednesday at Lake

Happy Birthday Vicki Pittman and Kim Warren!

  • Today is the official shutdown of the main building parking lots and opening of the student walkway & new student parking lot. To celebrate this event, we have been given approval to take a historic aerial picture of all Falcons in the Main Building parking lot. An announcement will be made for all students and staff to exit to the Krueger Fieldhouse parking lot for the last time at approximately 10:00 am (depending on the arrival of the plane). This will be a fire drill type exit to the parking lot and specific directions will be given at 10:00 am. A plane will be overhead to take the final picture of CLHS, students, and staff before demolition begins this week!
  • Regular Schedule
  • Math L2L Content Coaching Day
  • The district is having a Learning Walk at CLHS today. If a visitor comes by your classroom, please continue with your regular amazing instruction!
  • Course content meetings at 2:45 pm

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