Marching Band

Enjoyable Aspects: In marching band you are able to joke around, but at the same time you get the joy of playing fun and interesting music. Everyone likes to joke around in one way or another, and in marching band you are able to do that when the time is right. The music is one of the main parts of marching band, and that is one of the most enjoyable aspects.

Social Aspects: Marching band allows you to work with other people to make difficult forms. In marching band, you also meet new people from the other band, at football games.

Challenge: One challenge you encounter during marching band is staying still at attention. A second challenge is learning new drills and music quickly. Sometimes we are expected to learn music and charts in one week.

Opportunities for self-expression: Instrument selection is an opportunity for self-expression. The instrument that you play says a lot about you. Another way to express yourself in marching band is your amount of dedication. The amount of dedication you have towards learning new music and performing new drills says a lot about you.  

By Erika, Brittany, and Chrissy