What is digital citizen ship:

It's just being a Digital Citizen!

Being a Digital Citizen is something that you should be because you should be smart when you go on the internet. If you don't, there could be serious conseqenses. One of the biggest problems of not being a Digital Citizen is being a Cyber Bully. If you Cyber Bully, you could be in trouble in school, the owners of the cyber media site could block you , and you may be in trouble even with the police.Worst of all Cyber bulling is called Cyber Bulling for a reason: because you're bulling someone but on the internet,or cyber space,and hurting someone's feelings.Also, the people who's feelings are hurt(or called targets or victims),can sometimes fight back also not solving the problem. Pieces of advice that I can give you to be the ultamite Digital Citizen of that are: 1.   Don't give out personal information to anybody, espesaily people you never regularly trust,(exept for your parents.) 2. Don't say anything mean on the internet, even if it's your friend and it's something you would usualy say to he/her because this time, he/her could take it seriously. 3. Don't get into sites that you're not sure about. 4. Don't respond to a person's email or social media message if you don't know who it is. 5. If you are a minor of 13, tell your parents or guardian what you're doing on the internet. And that is just few of the advices I can give you to be a Digital Citizen.

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