Google has tricks!

Google has many tricks but today I am only going to tell you about FIVE of them.

The First trick I'm going to tell you about is that Google can translate. Not only can it translate but Google can translate and has a manual feature that allow you to draw characters and symbols.

The Second thing I'm going to tell you about is... Google likes to bring the 90's back! If you search "Google in 1998" this is what it will give you. It Gives you a retro version!

Number Three. This one is the reason that I use Google all the time, and the reason I passed math class. Google can do math!! Not only can it do math it can go over it with you step by step! For example GEOMETRY

Number Four. Google can be your best friend when is comes to numbers and/or the  alphabet! All you got to do is search "calculator tips".

Last but not least, Google can be fun to play around with. Next time you get on Google, search for "tilt", "barrel roll" or "Z or R twice" and see what happens.

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