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                Where the cherokees lived and how they hunted:               

     The cherokees lived in the mountains.The cherokee tribe was probably the strongest tribe.They were also the best hunters compared to their neighboring tribes. They went pretty far from their home to hunt,but were not nomadic.They hunted turkey, deer, and sometimes even bear.They collected pants, herbs,and berries.

How the Cherokees entertained themselves:

The Cherokees often told stories of how the earth came to be.In one of the stories, it said that the land began underwater and animals lived in the space above. They also played a game similar to lacrosse.

                            What the Cherokees grew in a farm:

The Cherokees grew corn,beans,pumpkins,and squash. The cherokees were really good farmers also.When they were done they relaxed by playing games.

       Who invented the alphabet:

  A Cherokee named Sequoyah.He never attended school which is why its interesting how he invented it.

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