Jesse James

by Brett Backerman

His early life

Jesse Woodson James was born in Kearney, Missouri. His father was Robert James.His mother was Zerelda Cole James. He had two brothers:Frank James, and Robert James jr. However, Robert died early.The farm that the James family owned at the time was attacked by soldiers working for the union.That is the reason he started his life of crime at the age of 16 in 1863.

Being a robber

He rode along with his brother Frank James, William Quantrill, and William T. Anderson.  His first bank robbery was in Liberty,Missouri.At the time, Jesse had about 14 men in the gang. They took about $60,000.However,Jesse might not have been there at the robbery.

Jesse James

On one of his bank robberies, Jesse James shot a banker in the heart, thinking the banker killed William T. Anderson in 1869.In 1874,he married Zerelda Mimms and they had two kids, Jesse James jr. , and Mary James.Total, Jesse and his gang stole about $600,000 dollars.

His Death

Governer Thomas  Theodore Crittenden put up a proclamation that said he wanted Jesse James dead. One morning, Jesse James, Frank James,Robert Ford, and Bob Ford were disscussing the next robbery at breakfast. They were in Jesse's home in St. Joseph, Missouri. Jesse James was straightening a painting when he was shot in the back of the head by Bob Ford. He wanted the reward that governer Crittenden put up.

His Fame Lives On

After Jesse James was shot, a lot of people where surprised that he was actually dead. He then became known as one of the best robbers ever. He was 35 years old when he was shot. Jesse James was one of the best bank and train robbers ever.